Our Values: Embracing Quality and Small Business Support Through a Just-in-Time Approach

Welcome to Lord McWiggles, a dog store nestled at the crossroads of quality, a bonnie devotion to our furry pals, and strongly backing the entrepreneurial spirit. Committed to providing the finest for you and your cherished companions, Lord McWiggles operates on a unique set of values, seamlessly integrating the principles of just-in-time inventory management with a dedication to supporting small businesses.

Founding Principles: At the heart of Lord McWiggles lies a set of founding principles that guide our every decision. We believe in offering top-notch products for dogs and dog lovers and contribute to the vitality of our economy through small business support. Our commitment to quality extends beyond our store; it is ingrained in the relationships we build with our vendors, customers, and the communities with which we engage.

Just-in-Time Inventory: Lord McWiggles distinguishes itself by embracing a just-in-time inventory approach. This means we keep a low inventory and procure goods in response to customer demand, ensuring that we carry high-quality items of customer interest. By adopting this strategy, we minimize waste, reduce excess inventory, and maintain a keen focus on providing the latest and best products for you and your furry friends. Our approach might mean your product takes a little longer to get to you, but rest-assured we are always doing our best to get it to your door as quickly as possible. This also provides us with the ability to utilize a portion of profits to give back to animals in various ways.

Small Business Support: At the core of our values is the belief in supporting small businesses. Lord McWiggles utilizes small, community-based vendors to source a diverse range of dog products. By championing small business vendors, we contribute to the growth of neighborhood economies and foster a sense of community pride.

Product Curation: Our commitment to quality extends to the curation of products. Every item available at Lord McWiggles undergoes a selection process, ensuring that each product is chosen with care and consideration.

Community Engagement: Lord McWiggles is more than just a store; it is also a resource for dog enthusiasts. We organize and share online events and workshops that bring together pet owners, local businesses, and animal welfare organizations. 

Lord McWiggles invites you to be a part of a unique and enriching experience for both you and your dog. Our commitment to just-in-time inventory, small business support, and product quality ensures that every visit to our store is a delightful journey into the world of premium dog care. Join us in celebrating the joy of canine companionship while making a positive impact.